The Real Becky

If you’ve been contacted by someone claiming to be me, I hate to break it to ya, it wasn’t me.  Do not communicate with this person(s), report the profile and contact the Springfield Police Department via email or using the form below:

Case#: 19-8118 Incident Form

Cyber stalker tactics

Who is he?

The stalker, who we’ll refer to as “Ben” employs several techniques in order to persuade, trick and coerce his victims into divulging information.  These methods are known to the cybersecurity world as “social engineering”.  Ben utilizes VPN’s (virtual private networks) and proxies to obscure his location.  He will impersonate Becky, her family and associates. He has shown to use a number of lies in a vain attempt to gain trust from any group or interaction he finds himself in.  These false claims include:

  • Financial
  • Sexual
  • Marriage / Relationship
  • Abuse
  • Neglect
  • and much more.


His motivations seem to come from a deep obsession and are also financial in nature. Over the last 18 months he has sat back, gathering information on Becky, her family and friends.  He’s masqueraded as Becky and her associates, pretending to be old colleagues, friends and classmates.  His goal is to gain control over Becky, emotionally and possibly physically. 


The stalker has made multiple direct death threats against anyone associated with Becky.  All the information he has on these connections is derived from social media interactions (Likes, Friend’s Lists, Follows, etc) and public records. 

On or around December 20th, Ben made a threat to a school district, causing the school to be shutdown for an entire week.

What to do?

If you are contacted by someone who you suspect is “Ben”, do not engage with them in any way.  Make note of the account and immediately report it.  You may also share this interaction with the Springfield Police Department referencing case 19-8118 by using the form above.

DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS SHARED BY THE STALKER! These links are not safe and may expose your information to the attacker.